lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012


We are going to make two kinds of flowers from this lot:

Making a skinner blend using pasta-machine:

Making a shaded plug. Cut the plug into 4 segments.

Place 2 thin sheets of dark clay on sides of 2 segments.

Making a "stamen" :) I mixed light part of leftover clay into one colour and rolled it into a snake. Place a snake in the middle of one segment, cover with another one. Press and shape resulting cane into roundish cane.

Join the two remaining segments of shaded plug, so the white sides face each other. Roll them to get the right length, and to fix two segments together. Wrap the resulting piece around the first cane, and wrap the whole thing with a thin sheet of dark clay.

Here you can do whatever you want with you petal cane. You can reduce it and cut it into 5-6 parts, form them into a flower and fill the background with translucent clay. 
I prefer keeping petal canes as they are, as you can use them just for petals as well you can make flowers out of them any time.

Making a flower. Cut a small piece of petal cane, give it a shape of a drop. Slice this cane into small single petals. Place petals on a rolled sheet of clay and press them gently onto a base.

For the flower center I took some yellow clay, placed it in the middle of the flower and pressed it with an embossing tool.

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