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You will need:  10 parts magenta, 1 part orange and 3 parts pearl 

Mix your clay thoroughly and roll your clay sheet out on the 2nd thickest setting of your pasta machine (# 2 on an Atlas).  Create a pattern in your clay with a stamp or texture sheet.  Cut out two pieces by first laying plastic wrap down and using a 3 cm circle cutter.  The plastic wrap creates a nice bevelled edge. 

To make the curved form I use the metal pieces from buttons you cover that are found in any sewing notions department.  For the disc earrings I'm using the 1-1/8" (28 mm) diameter size. 

Centre each clay piece over a button form.  Gently pat down and smooth the edges. 

You can highlight the raised areas of your piece with mica powders or leave them as is.  I'm using Pearlex in Flamingo Pink on these ones which will give a little more shimmer. 

Bake your pieces right on the button forms for 20 minutes at the temperature recommended on your clay package. 

After the pieces have cooled, pop them off the forms.  On the reverse side, spread a very thin layer of liquid clay (Kato, Fimo or Sculpey) of your choice.  This will help bond the unbaked to the baked clay pieces. 

Take 2 eye pins, or make your own from wire and kink or bend the wire pieces with your pliers.  These bends will prevent the eye pins from pulling out after they are baked and won't require any glue after. 

Roll more honeysuckle clay out on the 3rd thickest setting (#3 on Atlas) of your pasta machine and cut out 2 circles in the same size as your textured discs.

Make a mark on the back of your clay disc where you want the top to be and position your eye pin on the back at that spot.

Place your cut clay circle over top of the eye pin, lining up the two pieces at the top.

The clay circle will be slightly larger than the front baked piece so trim the edge with your clay blade or an exacto knife. 

Smooth all of the edges with your thumb blending the raw clay into the baked front piece. 

Texture the back and side edges with a piece of cloth or sandpaper.  This will help to camouflage any marks or fingerprints.  It will also embed the wire into the clay without it showing through.  One of my favorite textures for this are the mesh type bags that onions or other produce come in. 

Bake your pieces again for 20-30 minutes at the temperature recommended on your clay package.

Apply several thin coats of your favorite glaze.  Click on the photo below to read more about glazing.

Hang your discs from your favorite ear wires or for longer earrings and a little more bling, add an extra bead between. 

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