miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012


I prepared a millefiori sheet and a few open flower charms. I have bought these charms on eBay, I can even give a link

Place flower frames on the sheet of clay. One of the frames will remain in the charm, the other one is only used temporarily.

Press frames into clay, using your roller.

Cut out the excess of clay around the flower frames.

Lift clay and frame off the working surface.

Carefully stretch the clay sheet, so it becomes raised over the metallic frame. Keep an eye on the edges of clay sheet, don't let them pop out of the frame. 

The other side of a sheet. 

Cut off the excess clay.

Two parts of the flower are ready.

To make a flower puffy, you have to place a piece of scrap clay inside it.

Put scrap clay on one half of a flower.

Take the second half of a flower out of the second frame.

Put it on top of the scrap clay.

Now pinch the edges of a flower, hiding the ugly inner sides of flower parts under the metallic frame. You can use a toothpick to push the most stubborn bits inside.

The clay has to slightly overlap with a metallic frame from both side of a flower. This way the frame will not come off the flower after baking.

Here is the resulting puffy flower charm.

I smoothed the surface of charms with corn starch. It removes fingerprints and makes it easier to sand charms after baking.

All charms - baked, sanded and glazed :)

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